This State Has the Highest Cancer Rate


It's Kentucky, with Delaware and Louisiana trailing

Cancer may be the second leading cause of death in the US, but its effects across the country vary widely. Kentucky, for example, sees 514 cancer diagnoses per 100,000 people, the highest rate in the nation. New Mexico, on the other hand, has the lowest rate at 370 per 100,000, according to 24/7 Wall St., which recognizes"no clear pattern between income levels in a state and cancer diagnosis rates." These are the states with highest rates of cancer, based on diagnoses per 100,000 people, taken from CDC data:


1. Kentucky: 514
2. Delaware: 488
3. Louisiana: 479
4. Pennsylvania: 477
5. New York: 476.5
6. Maine: 475
7. New Jersey: 473
8. Iowa: 472
9. Rhode Island: 470
10. Connecticut: 467


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